As the gate of Myanmar swung open some years ago, an endless exodus of international travellers have been continuously fluxing in ever since, turning it into one of the fast-growing tourist destinations in Asia. This phenomenon alone is already proof of how this epic country is interestingly perceived by holidaymakers. Fresh, unspoiled and pure, the virgin forests, serene lakes and idyllic islands of Myanmar far exceed the expectations of many guests.

Despite current urban and touristic developments, Myanmar has successfully managed to preserve its ancestral roots that unite diverse groups of Burman people into a strong single nation, forever bound by its unique identity. The past resplendence of Bagan Kingdom and the invisible links to the spirits of the Nats are still widely present as they are embodied within thousands of temples and golden pagodas that scatter throughout the country.

Although less exposed and new to the world’s stage of international tourism, Myanmar is no less superior than any Asian counterparts in terms of infrastructure, hospitality and freshness quality. Its one-of-a-kind cultural charms and natural resources ensure that, after being touched by the Burman spell, all visitors go home with pleasant smiles and, of course, a burning desire to come back for more.


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