Even in the face of continual foreign dominance in the course of its prolonged and disharmonised history, Vietnam never once succumbed to the violent fate, nor has she ever lost her unique national identity on the path of continued struggles for ultimate freedom. Belligerence and ideological strife time after time befell this beautiful land formerly known as Dai Viet but the scars left behind never succeeded in trampling her courage. On the contrary, they remind us of how strong, optimistic, enduring and persistent the people of this great nation have always been. The intriguing past has turned Vietnam into a cauldron of intense historical and cultural heritage that will forever continue to epitomise the grandeur of its glory.

Visiting Vietnam is not just about learning its history and culture or getting to know its people but it is also one of those rare chances to fully take in the greatly diversified natural beauty embodied within the misty highlands of Dalat, high mountains of Sapa, idyllic limestone islets of Halong Bay, heavenly beaches of the South and many other exotic natural wonders sculpted by Mother Nature herself.

With its gate fully open, the present-day Vietnam is more than ready to give its warm welcome to leisure and business travellers alike. The dynamic and ever-growing tourism projects ensure that the country is geared towards enhanced travel quality while maintaining the great value for money that will fit all types of budget out there.


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