Right in the very core of Southeast Asia lies the Kingdom of Thailand, a regional nexus for Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Southern China. Blessed with varied geographical diversity, this hospitable nation of legendary touristic fame never ceases to amaze visitors with its wide spectrum of natural wonders ranging from the verdant mountains of the North, the golden rice paddies of the Central Plains, the vast plateau of Isan and the pristine white beaches of the East to the heavenly tropical islands and infinite shorelines of the Southern Peninsula.

Thailand, previously known as Siam, takes great pride in flamboyant royal palaces, ancient temples, exotic wildlife, exquisite gastronomy, soul-soothing traditional massage and heart-warming hospitality. These features, along with the amicable nature of its people, epitomise the most gratifying travel experience that one can ever hope for.

Whether you are looking for a meeting venue or simply in search of a multifarious destination to spend a great vacation, Thailand can always fulfill your requirement and exceed your expectations.


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