Cambodia is probably best known for the legendary temple complex of Angkor, the age-old inheritance of unfathomable value bequeathed to the modern generations by the glorious Khmer sovereigns since time immemorial. Myths, legends and tales of resplendence, conspiracies and warfare hauntingly resonate through the fabrics of these very ruins, waiting for an opportune moment to whisper countless stories into the curious ears of wandering explorers.

The remarkable sanctuaries of Angkor will undoubtedly make any stay in Cambodia unforgettable but, be that as it may, visiting this beautiful country is not just about staying in Siem Reap as there is more to discover in other regions. Archaeological gems in Sambor Prei Kuk, Kbal Spean or Preah Vihear, hidden under entangling roots of old banyan trees or on the riverbed, are patiently waiting for intrepid adventurers to discover their secrets while the lush forests of Mondulkiri or the isolated island of Koh Rong epitomise the natural purity one can ever hope for.

Underneath the facade of these epic attractions, there also lie melancholic stories of those who succumbed to the belligerent nature of the Khmer Rouge regime, which remind the humanity of the existence of hope that will eventually carry all of us towards a better future, even in the darkest of hours.

Be a brave explorer for a while and learn about the past glory and suffering of humankind. Your dream adventure and best travel experience can be fulfilled here as there is nowhere else like Cambodia that will enable you to do so much more.


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